Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Peninsula Family Service strengthens the community by providing children, families, and older adults the support and tools to realize their full potential and lead healthy, stable lives.

Vince smallAt Peninsula Family Service we ask ourselves; what if we could end the cycle of poverty instead of treating its destructive consequences—homelessness, hunger, and unemployment?  Every year, millions of low-income families rely on a safety net of short-term, emergency services at immeasurable costs to the community.

In a region where income and housing disparities make it increasingly harder for people to gain a foothold in the middle class, Peninsula Family Services strives to permanently disrupt the cycle and give families the opportunity to build a foundation upon which they can achieve their dreams.

For more than six decades, Peninsula Family Service has been there to assist thousands of low-income families. We adapt our programs to meet the changing needs of our local communities and those who call them home. We collaborate with federal, state, and local programs to combine our collective expertise, and maximize our impact by partnering with foundation, corporation, and individual donors. Together we are creating a community where opportunity, financial stability, and wellness are secured for all.

Photo: Vince, age 6, used to spend six hours a day on the bus with his family to get back and forth from school. Our Ways to Work program gave his father the opportunity to purchase a used car, ending their reliance on public transportation and starting their life anew.

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