GRAND OPENING! Peninsula Family Service’s Career Closet

We are celebrating the grand opening of Peninsula Family Service’s Career Closet!

The Career Closet provides participants of our Second Careers program with the opportunity to “dress for success” when applying for a job after being out of the workforce for some time. The Career Closet is also open to participants of other Peninsula Family Service programs that may need it.

Providing an business outfit to someone who may need it is so much more than just handing out clothes. The job search process can be daunting, especially for mature workers that are striving to make their way in the competitive Bay Area job market. With a new outfit comes a new outlook, a renewed confidence and the dignity to be able to present themselves in the best possible light. The Peninsula Family Service’s Career Closet help our participants stand our from the crowd. It helps employers look past what they are wearing and focus on the qualities and experience that our participants can bring to their team.

For these reasons, we are proud to count on the help of our friends and supporters from the Hillsborough Auxiliary to Peninsula Family Service, who made it possible for more than 20 of our participants to pick out a new professional outfit and provided tips on how to dress and prepare for job interviews. Smiles abounded as new clothes and gift cards were given to help them dress for success. Each person also took away a renewed confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Thank you to the Hillsborough Auxiliary to Peninsula Family Service for all the donations and the time spent volunteering to make this a reality. And thank you for helping many of our neighbors find better work opportunities!

If you would like to donate items to the Career Closet (new or slightly used business clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women), please send us an e-mail to: We will welcome your donations!

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