2019 Volunteer of the Year

Many volunteers find it hard to say goodbye when their shift is over, including PJ Rich, a recent graduate from St. Ignatius High School. This summer, PJ visited with staff to reflect on his 160+ volunteer hours completed during high school at the Child Development Center in San Mateo.

“Over the past three years, I have been able to watch the kids grow. It was amazing to see them learn new skills, but one child stood out.” Davi was one of the 16 eager faces in Teacher Margarita’s preschool classroom. “On my last day, I knew it was going to be hard to say goodbye, but Davi gave me a picture he drew of the two of us together. I still have that picture and remember how rewarding it was to volunteer in the classroom.”

PJ enjoyed volunteering so much that he convinced his younger brother, Zach, to join. “I tell others that it is a win-win situation to volunteer at Peninsula Family Service. You get to teach and play with children. How great is that?!” In addition to being a volunteer, PJ is also a donor to PFS, contributing his hard-earned money from a summer job. We proudly announce PJ Rich as the PFS 2019 Volunteer of the Year. Thank you to all of our volunteers who generously donate their time and skills to help our community thrive!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities visit our volunteer page: https://www.peninsulafamilyservice.org/volunteer/

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