A Message from the CEO and Board Chair

Dear PFS Friends,

FY 22-23 was a rewarding and challenging year for all of us, and I am pleased to report that PFS is thriving. Our staff has completed the first year of our 2022- 2026 strategic plan, approved by the PFS Governing Board. We have five strategic goals to focus on: High- Quality Programs; Financial Resources; Marketing and Communications; Inclusive, Diverse and Equitable Culture; and Organizational Development.

We are thrilled to announce that we have exceeded our fundraising goals for the Midway Early Learning Center (ELC) Campaign, to provide a model learning environment for children who are at the greatest risk of low academic performance. The generosity of our donors will fund state-of-the-art features, furniture, fixtures, structures, and equipment for all classrooms and playgrounds, as well as full curriculum components and start-up staff for the new center.

This year our Annual Report looks a little different than past reports. We have committed to deepening our reach to participants by offering every service and support across all program areas: Early Learning, Financial Empowerment, Older Adult Services, and Employment Services. We are happy to feature one of our families who has been with PFS for several years and has participated in cross-program opportunities. Maria, our feature participant, has three children and the courage to change their lives for the better.

A current-day challenge so many are experiencing was recently highlighted by the US Surgeon General: the epidemic of loneliness. As this fiscal year progresses, you will hear about one of our latest shared commitments to Overcoming Loneliness with Care and Connections.

To all of you in our PFS family, thank you for your ongoing support, your care, your dedication, and your partnership.

Heather Cleary, Chief Executive Officer
Ron Lynch, Board Chair

Read the full 2023 Annual Report here.

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