Aging Well with 70 Strong: Surlene’s Story

Surlene has lived in the same house in Redwood City for 70 years. When she was looking for new ways to keep active, she had no idea that the solution would be so close. “I’ve lived most of my life here,” Surlene said, “but I had no idea that I could have been going to Fair Oaks.” After learning about 70 Strong through a mailer, she became curious and contacted our Community Navigator. “She was really nice and helped me find what I was looking for.” When she first arrived at the Center, Surlene loved the welcoming environment. Now, she looks forward to attending her free yoga class at our Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center.

70 Strong is one of the most recent programs that Peninsula Family Service launched this year. 70 Strong online resources and in-person Navigators connect participants with the resources they need while also serving as a guide to activities, wellness, and everything seniors may be looking for. “I was very pleased with the service. I would definitely recommend it to others. I have been telling my friends about it,” said Surlene.

Keeping active, especially as an older adult, is crucial to good health. “Being active doesn’t just keep my body healthy, but my mind focused,” Surlene explained. “It helps me live an independent life where I can do everyday things like drive and go to the store all on my own—even at 89 years old!”

Thanks to 70 Strong, Surlene has found other exercise programs, healthy and balanced meals, and classes on nutrition at Fair Oaks. Every year, your contributions help older adults in our community maintain social connections, and lead healthy, balanced lives. After practicing yoga for almost 20 years, Surlene is practically a master. Thanks to 70 Strong and Fair Oaks, she has no plans of quitting in the future.

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