AR 2021: Community Heart

One private family foundation has been deeply moved by the challenges our community members are facing and has offered grants of up to $5,000 to those individuals or families in need of more help. Peninsula Family Service (PFS) facilitates the applications for these “Guardian Angel Grants.” To date, 112 grants of $5,000 each have been made to individuals and families for a total of $560,000! After receiving their check, one family stated: “My family and I reiterate our gratitude to you for all that you do for us. It’s really a big thumbs up in our modest family who will eventually be able to pay a few months of rent with this big check that we have just received from the foundation.” PFS is honored to collaborate in this life changing grant process. Another recipient noted: “I am absolutely astounded by the support, and it renewed my faith in humanity.”

Inspired by the Guardian Angel program, a generous couple contributed $60,000 for “Community Lift Grants” distributed by PFS in $1,200 checks to 50 families. This act of kindness has allowed some of our participants to pay their rent or their vehicle loan—something they otherwise would be unable to do because of the pandemic. This outpouring of support has enabled our community members to endure the many challenges caused by COVID-19.

Read the full 2021 Annual Report here:

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