Charles Hansen

Chief Program Officer

Charles came to Peninsula Family Service in 2022 as the Chief Program Officer. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology the University of North Texas and his Master of Business Administration from Doane University.
Charles has 15 years of executive management experience in youth and community services. He has served as the Executive Director of the Metro Youth YMCA in Detroit, Michigan, the CEO of the YMCA in Grand Island Nebraska, and the Executive Director of the Salvation Army and Boys and Girls Club in Dallas, Texas.
Charles’ organizational leadership strengths include systems analysis, training and development, motivational speaking, and conflict resolution. Charles engages in conscious listening to build mutual understanding and trust, two foundational keys to the cultural strength of any organization. Charles’ leadership philosophy is based upon ethical service, and he consistently demonstrates a commitment to the growth and well-being of his employees as well as the communities he has served. He motivates his employees to higher performance levels and empowers them to leverage their strengths in a safe work environment. Charles is also an authentic leader. There is no artifice in Charles; he is competent, honest, and compassionate. He is self-reflective and is committed to the same pursuit of personal and professional excellence that he inspires in others.
As a visionary Executive Leader, he offers a commitment to strengthening organizations through social, cultural & ethical team building and family enrichment programs by fostering a culture of value and engagement.

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