Dedicated Support from our Auxiliaries

Dedicated Support from our Auxiliaries

In FY19-20 our Auxiliaries demonstrated their strength as partners more dramatically than ever. During the first half of the year, each Auxiliary replicated its remarkable expertise in fundraising activities. In October 2019, the Foothill Auxiliary hosted the Holidays on a High Note luncheon and floral arrangement demonstration. At the Hillsborough Auxiliary (HAPFS) Thanks for Giving event in November 2019, Carole Middleton was awarded “Sustainer of the Year” for her dedicated service to HAPFS and PFS! Guests at both events enjoyed delicious fare, shopping, and successful fundraising for the “Fund- A-need” of the year — STEM from the Start. 2019 was also a spectacular year for the Family tree, a next-to-new shop run by volunteers of the Red-Car- Bel Auxiliary. Sales were up 10% overall for the year! Thank you to the volunteers who work so hard to make the Family tree a success!

Support During COVID-19

The innovative spirit of each Auxiliary was clearly apparent in the spring of 2020 during challenges of shelter-in-place. Both the HAPFS Spring Gala and Foothill Auxiliary Taste of Kentucky Derby were moved online and included highly successful fundraising for the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. An Anonymous Foothill member offered a $25,000 challenge grant. Thanks to HAPFS and Foothill members who provided amazing gifts to our students and older adults, these efforts made a huge impact for our program participants.

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