Fall Appeal Letter 2023


Dear Supporter,

At Peninsula Family Service (PFS), we’ve embarked on a mission not only to bridge distances, but to spark connections, ensuring that we can take care of the most vulnerable in our community.  An important component of this mission is to work to overcome the widespread issue that affects millions of us every year: loneliness. An underappreciated public health crisis, loneliness has harmed both individual and societal health in more subtle ways than a virus. However, with your support, we have the power to change how it affects our community. 

It is clear that we must recognize the urgency of addressing this silent epidemic. Our funding priority for this year, Overcoming Loneliness with Care and Connections, reflects our commitment to making a difference. We are focusing on enhancing programmatic solutions that prioritize care and connections, turning the tide on loneliness in our community. Healthy meals, well-being health checks, transportation, and group activities all play essential roles in overcoming loneliness. From technology training for older adults to mental health and counseling opportunities across all our programs, we are making a profound impact thanks to donors like you. 

Our Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center is one example of our impactful programs that are overcoming loneliness for our older adults. Here, older adults not only share nutritious meals but also engage in group activities, fitness classes, and an organic garden club, fostering both health and companionship. For example, Isabel, a regular participant, credits the classes with improving both her physical health and social life. 

The number of older adults in our community continues to grow every year. Our goal is to increase the number of older adults we serve in our programs by 25% over the next 2 years. Your generous gift today can help us achieve this goal, and thus provide crucial assistance to those most in need who are not yet receiving support. When you donate today, you will strengthen our initiatives against loneliness throughout the Bay Area that will provide a healthier, more equitable experience for those we serve. 

Please make a gift today to empower our community. Your support will help us expand our Older Adult Services and overcome loneliness for so many older adults in our community. 

Now more than ever, your gift can make a significant difference and is vital for what we can accomplish at PFS. Together, we can build a happier and more resilient community by Overcoming Loneliness with Care and Connections. Please join me and other donors like you with a gift today.   

In gratitude,
Heather Cleary
Chief Executive Officer 

P.S. Your gift will contribute directly to the lives of those who need it most in our community, strengthening connections and fostering their well-being.  


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