Financial Empowerment Innovating Online

Our Financial Empowerment program staff have been busy shifting to remote services. In-person financial education workshops have moved online, and our staff are working by phone to meet the needs of our participants. Each current participant with a loan has been contacted to find out how we can help. Many of our loan holders have been able to obtain loan deferrals. Other participants who are in need of groceries and essential needs have been given gift cards purchased through the PFS COVID Emergency Relief Fund.

Alex, a single father PFS supports, has received a 3-month loan deferral on his DriveForward vehicle loan from our partner Upward Credit Union. The deferral will help him stay financially stable while he works to provide for his family.

A Second Careers Employment (SCSEP) participant was placed as a crossing guard before shelter-in-place took effect. Our SCSEP program was able to find her a temporary job as a Census worker, and then hired her permanently.

To learn more about our Financial Empowerment programs and DriveForward, visit, email, or call 650.403.4300

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  1. Quisiera saber si me podrían ayudar con apoyo económico para vivienda o víveres de comida para mis niños somos recién llegados el corona virus afectó mi hogar tengo 4 niños y nos bajaron horas de trabajo y estoy desesperada no puedo ya pagar la renta y me hace falta comida gra por su ayuda y gran corazón

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