Heart of the Community, CEO Heather Cleary

JULY 1, 2021

Peninsula Family Service (PFS) CEO, Heather Cleary, is featured in the July 2021 edition of Punch Magazine. The interview, Heart of the Community, written by Eva Barrows and photographed by Irene Searles, follows Heather’s journey from the beginning of her career to her current work as the CEO of PFS.

“I see my work here as an opportunity to give back to the community that I have lived in and appreciated for more than 20 years now,” says Heather, who first moved to the Peninsula in 1999. As CEO, she has grown PFS in both revenue and services and has added new programs like Got Wheels, providing on demand rides for older adults, and Help@Hand, a calming activities app.”

To learn about Heather’s work at Peninsula Family Service , view the full article starting on page 30 here: https://www.journalgraphicsdigitalpublications.com/epubs/punch-july21/viewer/desktop/

Peninsula Family Service

Peninsula Family Service (PFS) provides comprehensive services in Early Learning, Financial Empowerment and Older Adult Services that support individuals and families at various stages of life. Originally a small organization founded in 1950, Peninsula Family Service has by utilizing innovative, professionally-led, locally-targeted solutions to secure the wellness and stability of our neighbors. The community has rallied behind this mission, providing fundraising support and volunteers to establish and grow expert-led programs.

The Bay Area has grown and evolved over many decades, and PFS has been there every step of the way – providing support, caring for our neighbors, and becoming a deeply trusted part of this community. PFS is grateful to share our legacy and ongoing mission with so many members of our community, as we continue to bring support, education, and resources to those who need it most.

Punch – Spirit of the Peninsula

PUNCH Magazine is an idea about how to live a life that is more engaging and authentic, be it through personal adventures and what we feed our bodies and souls to the culture that fulfills us, and the traditions and new discoveries offered by the Peninsula. It is about appreciating and finding the richness of where we live and how that understanding can enhance our lives and make them more fulfilling and happy.

Download the clipped article here: Heart of the Community, Punch Magazine article

The full length article starts on page 30: Heart of the Community, written by Eva Barrows and photographed by Irene Searles.

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