Helping Our Neighbors DriveForward: Francis’s Story

For 30 years, Francis has dedicated her life to providing for her family, working long hours at multiple jobs and has never once taken a vacation. Though her other children have moved on to begin their own lives, her son Juanito has a developmental disability and requires careful attention. Francis is on-call 24/7 to care for her son’s needs. “Every time Juanito gets sick I need to leave work quickly and come and check on him.”

But Francis’s car was old and unreliable. Before coming to Peninsula Family Service, she was all too familiar with walking long distances with her children, regardless of the weather. Until her daughter connected her to Peninsula Family Service: “My daughter found out about the organization on the internet. She told me, ‘Mom, there is a program that helps people get a car. I think they can help you.’”

Francis contacted Peninsula Family Service and went through the process to join our DriveForward program. After securing an affordable car loan, Francis drove off to a more stable life. “Now I don’t have to worry whether or not my car will start before I head out to work. I’m able to take my son to the doctor and not get stranded on the road in the middle of the night.”

Francis is now one of our most fervent ambassadors. “Everywhere I go, I tell people about Peninsula Family Service. Thanks to you, I have so many more opportunities now. This has completely changed my life and the life of my family for the better.”

These are the transformations you make possible. You change the lives of hardworking neighbors, striving to make the best of their circumstances. “I had nothing but determination to make a better life for myself and for my family. But, I could not have done this alone, and I am grateful for the support I received from Peninsula Family Service,” concludes Francis.

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