Juneteenth 2020

Peninsula Family Service (PFS) is committed to speaking against racism, social injustice, and to support the most vulnerable members of the community we serve. Under the leadership of Heather Cleary, CEO, the Executive staff, and Governing Board, PFS pledges to speak to leaders in every sector: police departments, government at all levels, educational systems, financial institutions and more. PFS will expand the work of developing an anti-racist culture both at PFS and in our larger community.

We believe that Black Lives Matter. This Friday, June 19, 2020 Peninsula Family Service will commemorate Juneteenth with a day off for all employees. Providing Juneteenth as paid time off demonstrates our commitment to ending racism and social injustice. It is also an opportunity for our community to celebrate Black culture and history. We support Black Lives and ALL who have faced systemic oppression, now and throughout history.

Juneteenth is a day for education, celebration, and community connection.

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