The LGBTQ Book Club has started!

The Senior Peer Counseling program at Peninsula Family Service and the Reach & Teach educational center invite you to join the first LGBTQ Book Club in San Mateo. We firmly believe that everyone can make a difference in the world, and that is what has brought us together. We invite you to come read, share and learn with us in an open and judgement-free environment!

Who can join? Everyone is welcome! LGBTQ Community members, friends and allies. This is an open invitation and all points of view are appreciated. You can participate or just listen, it is up to you.

Where is the club? Reach & Teach is located at 144 W 25th Ave, in downtown San Mateo.

When does the club meet? The LGBTQ Book Club meets every fourth Thursday of the month, from 4 to 6 pm.

Reach And Teach creates and distributes a non-mainstream products that help to transform the world through teachable moments. The Senior Peer Counseling program at Peninsula Family Service has provided service to the LGBTQ community since 2008 and currently has five counselors available to help LGBTQ community members navigate their golden years with confidence, avoiding the challenges of those aging alone.

Come join us in this new adventure!

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  1. Please put me on your info list. I’m interested in up and coming activities, and events in our community. I live in San Carlos, so that is very local, and close to San Mateo. Thank you, Daniel Haberkorn

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