An Open Letter from CEO

An Open Letter to Our Community,

I’m devastated by the obvious racism in policing and loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery’s lives. I also see the more subtle version of racism seen in the COVID-19 illness and death rates.

We all need to work together to create the systemic change that is needed. For example, I have been talking to local elected officials, and discussing with them what can be done to find and eliminate bias not only in our Police Department but also at City Hall, in our School Districts, in our Health Systems, in our relationships with each other, and beyond.

I believe that if we are not anti-racist, we are racist, if we are not fighting white supremacy, we are supporting white supremacy. I am committed to speaking up at injustice, and to ensuring Peninsula Family Service is supporting the most vulnerable members of the community, so we can all rise together. 

In addition, if I can be of service to any of you, as you fight the injustice you find in your lives, please let me know. Building a better community that values respect, integrity, compassion and diversity will take all of us together.

In solidarity,

Heather Cleary, CEO
Peninsula Family Service

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