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When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to afford groceries and pay rent, building savings can seem out of reach. Thanks to a partnership with Opportunity Fund, our Start2Save program takes that impossible dream and makes it a reality.

Through 2:1 matched savings accounts, Start2Save helps participants begin to develop the financial habits they need to face life’s unexpected bumps. Whether it’s unexpected medical bills or car repairs, having a savings account can mean the difference between weathering the storm or winding up in debt.

How it works

Staff work with families to develop individualized household budgets and savings plans, setting a goal of putting aside $21 to $42 each month for 1-2 years. Once families reach their goal of saving $500, their money is matched, with a $1,000 grant, bringing their total balance to $1,500. But the transformation doesn’t stop there. With good habits in place, families continue to save each month, giving them the strength they need to face the unexpected and end the destructive cycle of debt.

Do I qualify?

To qualify, participants should:

  • Demonstrate an ability to afford small, monthly deposits in a savings account for 1-2 years.
  • Attend one financial education class provided by Peninsula Family Service.
  • Provide proof of income and photo ID.

How to apply

For San Mateo County inquiries, call Rob Lajoie, Director, Financial Empowerment Program, at 650.403.4300 ext 4415 or by email.
For Santa Clara County inquiries, call Freddy Pacheco, Financial Empowerment Supervisor, at 408.577.1981 ext 311 or by email.

Peninsula Family Service is able to offer Start2Save thanks to a partnership with Opportunity Fund. As founders of this innovative program, Opportunity Fund collaborates with select nonprofit partners to create microsavings and lending opportunities throughout California.