We offer no-cost Financial Workshops at our offices in San Mateo and San Jose. Each three-hour workshop covers topics such as budgeting, spending habits, ways to build credit, and benefits of using credit.

To register for a workshop in San Mateo, please contact Lex Medrano, Financial Empowerment Coordinator, at 650.403.4300 ext 4105 or by email.

To register for a workshop in Santa Clara, please contact Aileen Ochoa, Financial Empowerment Coordinator, at 408.577.1981 ext 311 or by email.

San Mateo County Financial Empowerment Workshops

Workshops are held at our main office located at 24 Second Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401.



Date Time
Saturday, January 59am – 12pm
Wednesday, January 94pm – 7pm
Wednesday, January 239pm – 12pm
Tuesday, January 299am – 12pm (Spanish)
Saturday, February 29am – 12pm
Tuesday, February 124pm – 7pm
Thursday, February 219am – 12pm
Saturday, March 29am – 12pm
Wednesday, March 69pm – 12pm (Spanish)
Tuesday, March 124pm – 7pm
Saturday, March 309am – 12pm
Saturday, April 69am – 12pm
Wednesday, April 179am – 12pm
Tuesday, April 254pm – 7pm
Saturday, May 49am – 12pm
Wednesday, May 89am – 12pm (Spanish)
Thursday, May 164pm – 7pm
Thursday, May 309am – 12pm
Thursday, June 139am – 12pm
Saturday, June 229am – 12pm
Wednesday, June 264pm – 7pm
Wednesday, July 104pm – 7pm (Spanish)
Saturday, July 139am – 12pm
Thursday, July 259am – 12pm
Tuesday, July 304pm – 7pm
Saturday, August 39am – 12pm
Tuesday, August 134pm – 7pm
Thursday, August 229am – 12pm
Wednesday, September 49am – 12pm
Saturday, September 79am – 12pm
Tuesday, September 109am – 12pm (Spanish)
Thursday, September 264pm – 7pm
Saturday, October 129am – 12pm
Wednesday, October 169am – 12pm
Tuesday, October 224pm – 7pm
Tuesday, November 59am – 12pm
Thursday, November 79am – 12pm (Spanish)
Thursday, November 144pm – 7pm
Saturday, November 239am – 12pm
Wednesday, December 49am – 12pm
Saturday, December 79am – 12pm
Thursday, December 194pm – 7pm

Santa Clara County Financial Empowerment Workshops

Workshops are held at our San Jose office, located at: 2635 N. First Street, Suite 248, San Jose, CA 95134.

NOTE: Workshops with an asterisk (*) are held at the Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, located at: 1400 Parkmoor Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126.

Date Time
*Thursday, January 39am – 12pm
Saturday, January 129am – 12pm
Wednesday, January 304pm – 7pm
Saturday, February 99am – 12pm
Wednesday, February 134pm – 7pm
*Wednesday, February 209am – 12pm (Spanish)
Thursday, February 214pm – 7pm
*Thursday, March 79am – 12pm
Saturday, March 169am – 12pm
Wednesday, March 274pm – 7pm
*Thursday, April 49am – 12pm
Saturday, April 139am – 12pm
*Thursday, April 189am – 12pm (Spanish)
Tuesday, April 234pm – 7pm
*Tuesday, May 79am – 12pm
Saturday, May 119am – 12pm
Wednesday, May 294pm – 7pm
Saturday, June 89am – 12pm
Wednesday, June 124pm – 7pm
*Tuesday, June 189am – 12pm (Spanish)
*Thursday, June 209am – 12pm
*Thursday, July 119am – 12pm
Saturday, July 209am – 12pm
Wednesday, July 244pm – 7pm
*Thursday, August 19am – 12pm
Saturday, August 109am – 12pm
Thursday, August 154pm – 7pm
Wednesday, August 214pm – 7pm (Spanish)
*Tuesday, September 59am – 12pm
Saturday, September 149am – 12pm
Wednesday, September 254pm – 7pm
*Wednesday, October 29am – 12pm
Thursday, October 174pm – 7pm (Spanish)
Saturday, October 199am – 12pm
Wednesday, October 234pm – 7pm
Wednesday, November 64pm – 7pm
Saturday, November 99am – 12pm
*Thursday, November 149am – 12pm
*Thursday, December 59am – 12pm
Saturday, December 149am – 12pm
*Tuesday, December 179am – 12pm (Spanish)
Wednesday, December 184pm – 7pm