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Navigating our advancing years can be challenging, even for those with a strong support network. Now, imagine crossing those same waters alone, without friends or family to turn to for support. Our Senior Peer Counseling program works to ensure no one faces the challenges of aging alone. Specially-trained volunteer counselors, more than 100 in total, provide weekly visits to older adults to help manage transitions and life changes such as health concerns, mobility issues, caregiver needs, and grief. Special care is taken to connect participants with someone who shares similar life-experiences and perspectives, with programs offered in languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Tagalog, and to participants who identify as LGBTQ.

How does it work?

After applying, participants are matched with a volunteer Peer Counselor who often shares a similar background, native language, and life experiences. Participants can choose to join a group session or request one-on-one counseling.

Individual counseling sessions take place weekly at a participant’s home or location of their choice (public park, community center, etc.). Group sessions are offered in a variety of languages in Daly City, San Mateo, Menlo Park, and Redwood City.

Who qualifies?

Our Senior Peer Counseling program is open to adults age 55 years and older who live in San Mateo County.

2017 Senior Peer Counseling starts soon

If you are 55 years of age or older, you can change the lives of older adults in our community.
To learn more, click on the flyer below:
SPC Volunteer Recruitment 2017

Can I become a counselor?

To become a Senior Peer Counselor, volunteers participate in two, three-hour training sessions each week for a total of six weeks. During the sessions, volunteers learn the skills they need to be active listeners, recognize and respond to grief, depression, and anxiety, and work with diverse cultures. Volunteers who speak Mandarin, Tagalog, or Spanish, or who identify as LGBTQ, are encouraged to apply!

Prospective volunteer counselors should:

  • Be fifty-five years of age or older
  • Live in Mateo County
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Be able to devote at least one hour a week to providing counseling

Volunteer applications are accepted year-round, with training sessions taking place quarterly. Please contact Valerie Snook, Senior Peer Counseling Program Manager, at 650.403.4300 ext. 4322 or by email, or submit an application online.

How do I apply for counseling?

Click the button below to apply for or refer someone to our Senior Peer Counseling program. Or, contact Geri Lustenberg, Administrative Assistant, by calling 650.403.4300 ext. 4389, or

Apply Now 

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We welcome all without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, age, language, abilities, sexual orientation, or gender.