Reggie stands smiling in front of her new car

Regina’s Story

For Reggie, a life-long resident of the Bay Area, having a car is everything.

“I need to be at work at 5 a.m. If I did not have a car, I would simply be out of a job.”

Reggie’s story with Peninsula Family Service started two years ago with her participation in a financial education workshop. Today she is one of the many success stories of our DriveForward program.

Thanks to her participation in Peninsula Family Service’s financial workshops, Reggie was able to improve her credit and access a low-interest car loan. Reggie now has the ability to move around and supplement her income, to keep her health challenges in check, and to maintain and nurture her relationship with her family.

“I reached out to Peninsula Family Service when I needed a car, and they were there every step of the way.”

“Having a car has changed my life: it helps me get back and forth from work; it allows me to pick up little side jobs; I can get to the doctor if I need to go. I have a daughter and a grandson who live in Manteca. I love driving down and visiting them.”

Reggie has become a strong advocate for our Financial Empowerment programs:

“I work at a high school in San Mateo. Many of the teens come from very difficult backgrounds and they don’t have the best role models at home. I tell everyone: ‘If you need help for you or your family, Peninsula Family Service is there.’”

Reggie is very grateful for our supporters who make this program possible.

“You are doing a wonderful thing. You give people the opportunity to take responsibility for their lives. I know you helped make a difference in my life; I am so thankful for that.”

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