Rewards for DriveForward Program Participants

The Peninsula Family Service Financial Empowerment program is dedicated to providing our neighbors the tools and support they need to attain financial stability and thrive. One of these tools is our DriveForward program, offering affordable vehicle loans to help people improve their credit, increase access to everyday necessities and their workplace, and move forward to financial stability.


Now, an exciting new partnership between Peninsula Family Service and Peninsula Clean Energy will enable our DriveForward program participants to increase vehicle affordability, decrease annual costs, and help our regional environment. Participants who are approved for a DriveForward car loan, and meet the criteria to purchase a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), will have the cost of their car reduced by $4,000 through a grant provided by Peninsula Clean Energy. Examples of eligible, affordable vehicles include the Chevy Volt, the plug-in Prius Prime, and the Honda plug-in Clarity.

Thank you to all our DriveForward partners: Peninsula Clean Energy, Self-Help Federal Credit Union and Upward Credit Union. A full launch of this program will be presented at our May Thought Leader Series event, but the program is running now. Take the first step towards your electric vehicle loan by sending in your application:

If you are interested in the DriveForward program contact Maria Torres, Business Development Coordinator,
or call 650.403.4300 x4100.

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