Your support helps little Hector find his voice: Home-Based Care Program

Hector is a one-year-old tricycle enthusiast. He wished he had one, but he couldn’t ask his parents for it. Whenever Hector wanted to say something, he just couldn’t find the words to express what he was thinking. So last Christmas, Hector had an idea: He wrote a letter to Santa asking for a red tricycle. And through generous donors like yourself, the tricycle finally came!

But reaching developmental milestones and achieving independence is not something Santa can provide. When Hector’s parents realized he was not developing as his peers, they started to worry. A partner organization referred them to Peninsula Family Service. “When we learned about the Home-Based Care program and how it could help our son with his development through one-on-one support in his familiar home environment, we felt relieved. It was so nice to see how dedicated his therapist was.” Hector has been in the program since May, and his parents can see the results.

“There has been a lot of progress. It is amazing to see him do things on his own and grow up to be an independent boy.” Many children in our community struggle and experience the world differently. With your help, these children find their voice. “Without Peninsula Family Service, our kids would probably never be independent. You are giving kids a chance and we thank you for that.”

With your valuable support, many children like Hector are finding their voice.

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