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Perla’s Story Part 3: Everything for a Reason

This is part 3 of a 3-part story following Perla’s experience with Peninsula Family Service. Missed the first part? Read Part 1. Read Part 2. As President of the Parent Policy Council, Perla has learned more about the behind-the-scenes strategy, policies, and management of child development centers at Peninsula Family Service. She has engaged in a few initiatives that she is proud of: approving a cost-of-living raise for teachers, creating solutions to improve the rooftop…

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Perla’s Story Part 2: A New Opportunity

This is part 2 of a 3-part story following Perla’s experience with Peninsula Family Service. Missed the first part? Read Part 1. Now that Perla had secured full-time child care for her twins at one of nine Peninsula Family Service Child Development Centers, she had to figure out a solution for transportation. Perla lived in southern San Mateo County and had to drive her children to downtown San Mateo, which is no quick drive during…

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Perla’s Story Part 1: The Beginning – A Time of Uncertainty

This is part 1 of a 3-part story following Perla’s experience with Peninsula Family Service Perla had recently gone through a divorce and was thrust into single parenthood. She took care of her son Leonardo, and newborn twins, Luna and Sol, on her own. She moved her family into her mother’s house while figuring out her next steps. Sleep deprived, depressed, and overwhelmed, Perla reached out to a friend for advice. Fortunately, this friend had…

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2017 Open House at Peninsula Family Service

On May 16th, Peninsula Family Service held its 2017 Open House. At the end of the work day, we opened the doors of our headquarters in downtown San Mateo to the many community supporters that bring families and individuals closer to opportunity, financial stability and wellness. We were also delighted to see some new faces! Old friends and new had a chance to meet with our Executive Director, Heather Cleary and to learn more about our…

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A pre-school welcome from the National Charity League

There is no better gift that one that is hand-made. This time, we are certain they were “heart-made”! On March 21, representatives from the National Charity League, Crystal Springs Chapter brought “welcome bags” for forty pre-schoolers participating in Peninsula Family Service Programs. The reusable lunch bags donated by 4Imprint were filled with a hand-made blanket, coloring book, crayons, and stickers—all special gifts for children enrolling in our program this summer. . Also delivered were Kits…

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February, American Hearth Month

February is the month to treat your Valentine, but there is also another great celebration around this time of the year: the American Heart Month. This is a federally designated event, encouraging us to take care of our hearts and have our friends, family and community involved. In light of this celebration, our Early Learning centers took part in a door decoration contest. Following a set of rules and letting the creativity and spark of our children’s…

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Success Story: At Home

It’s a Thursday afternoon, and class is in session at Josefina’s small home in San Mateo. Her son Hosea, sits on her lap as they slowly turn the pages of a picture book. “Qué es esto? What is this?” she asks, pointing to a horse. Next to her on the couch, the family’s Case Manager, Claudia, sits beaming. The family is part of our home-based Early Learning program, an approach that empowers parents to be…

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2014 EHS Annual Report

2014 Early Head Start Report

Read our 2014 Early Head Start Report In 1994, Early Head Start was established with federal funding to support the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development of children—from before birth to three-years old—and their families. For the past four-years, Peninsula Family Service’s Early Head Start program has offered comprehensive early learning opportunities to at-risk infants and toddlers in San Mateo County. By providing a continuum of complementary services, we can improve child and family outcomes and…

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2013 Early Head Start Annual Report

Off to a Good (Early Head) Start!

Read our 2013 Early Head Start Annual Report Each year, the Early Head Start program at Peninsula Family Service provides our community’s highest need infants, toddlers, and pregnant women with comprehensive early learning services and support. Last year, we served over 200 children and soon-to-be-moms through Early Head Start by offering enriching educational environments at our child development centers in San Mateo County and through our home-based program. Peninsula Family Service’s dedication to strengthening our…

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