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Dedicated Support from our Auxiliaries

Dedicated Support from our Auxiliaries In FY19-20 our Auxiliaries demonstrated their strength as partners more dramatically than ever. During the first half of the year, each Auxiliary replicated its remarkable expertise in fundraising activities. In October 2019, the Foothill Auxiliary hosted the Holidays on a High Note luncheon and floral arrangement demonstration. At the Hillsborough Auxiliary (HAPFS) Thanks for Giving event in November 2019, Carole Middleton was awarded “Sustainer of the Year” for her dedicated…

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Perla’s Story Part 1: The Beginning – A Time of Uncertainty

This is part 1 of a 3-part story following Perla’s experience with Peninsula Family Service Perla had recently gone through a divorce and was thrust into single parenthood. She took care of her son Leonardo, and newborn twins, Luna and Sol, on her own. She moved her family into her mother’s house while figuring out her next steps. Sleep deprived, depressed, and overwhelmed, Perla reached out to a friend for advice. Fortunately, this friend had…

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Puttin’ on the Ritz!

On April 29th, the Hillsborough Auxiliary to Peninsula Family service held its 53rd Annual Gala. The event took place in The California Golf Club of San Francisco. A lively crowd in top hats, gowns and evening gloves celebrated the era of art deco, speakeasies, and the “Golden Age of Hollywood.” During the event, a participant from the Drive Forward program addressed the audience, speaking about the difference it has made in her life. “My income was…

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