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Annual Report 2021: Award Honorees

AWARD WINNERS IMPACT: STEM from the START In October 2021, Peninsula Family Service (PFS) will award two very special 2020-2021 awards.  To read more about these award winners,  see the FY20-21 PFS Annual report,  https://www.peninsulafamilyservice.org/awardwinning-honorees-for-2020-2021/. Both of our PFS award winners are making a tremendous, life-changing  impact on the development of the signature PFS STEM from the Start program. Even during shelter-in-place, STEM from the Start has grown as we continue our work to build…

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Award-Winning Honorees for 2020-2021

We are so proud of our two award-winning honorees for 2020–2021. We will honor both award winners through 2020 and all of 2021 with special recognition at the special donor event, Celebrating You, scheduled for October 7, 2021. COMMUNITY PARTNER of the YEAR: Stanford University Graduate School of Education (GSE) The mission of the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) is to produce groundbreaking research, model programs and exceptional leaders in education to achieve equitable,…

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