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Annual Report 2021: Older Adult Services

LEARNING TECHNOLOGY SKILLS to be CONNECTED Prior to COVID-19 Juan and Sofia were active participants at the Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center for years. In late 2018, Sofia noticed a health decline in Juan, which led to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. With the help of  Peninsula Family Service (PFS) staff, Sofia found several referrals to resources and financial assistance to assist with Juan’s daily needs. Unfortunately, just as they began to have a sense of…

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Appy Hour

Facilitator Arlene Aquino will lead us in a discussion about new or new to us technology that can keep us all connected. We will also discuss how to keep ourselves safe online as we install and use new apps. RSVP to Arlene, preferably by June 19, to receive call-in or log-in instructions: aaquino@peninsulafamilyservice.org or 650-403-4300 x4327

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Help Us Disrupt the Achievement Gap

As a professional in the field of Early Learning, it has always been clear to me that the earliest years of life are a period of exceptional development, a time of opportunity and vulnerability, dependent on primary relationships and the learning environment in which the child is growing.  Brain research has evolved to reveal astonishing discoveries including knowledge of the exponential volume of neural growth that occurs from birth to 5 years of life. Recent…

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