Alejandro R. Vilchez Principal, AV Consulting

Alejandro’s career has taken him across the spectrum, from direct service provider to fundraising, to senior management. No matter what role he’s in, it’s always one focused on youth development, violence prevention, and community engagement.  Today, he works as an independent consultant, supporting schools, local governments and organizations as they work on creating safe environments, strong teams, and cultural competency.  Alejandro’s passion for embracing history and culture extends beyond the workplace. In his spare time, he’s a connoisseur of vintage Cuban music, classic cars, and wing tip shoes.

Alejandro was introduced to our organization while working with our Early Learning program to deepen outreach and engagement. He joined our Board of Directors in 2016, providing us with priceless insight into the factors that create strong communities.

“Ask yourself, If you had an opportunity to support young children, grandparents, or low-income families, would you? Peninsula Family Service provides that exact opportunity. You can invest in their programs, volunteer your time, or share your expertise and make a genuine difference in someone’s life.” -Alejandro Vilchez