David P. Mariani Co-Founder and CEO, AtScale Inc.

David has been in the technology and data business for nearly 30 years, first as an engineer and now as co-founder and CEO of AtScale Inc. Drawing from a solid educational background—David has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economic s from UCLA—he has founded two startups, played an instrumental role in selling three companies, and led Yahoo!’s transition to Big Data technologies. Somewhere amidst all that hard work, David carves out time to run 2.5 miles a day, hone his skills as an amateur carpenter and mason, and enjoy life here in San Mateo with his four kids and wife, Claire.

Recognizing the powerful opportunities he had to turn his passion for technology into a career, David joined our Board of Directors in 2016 with the hope of helping families in need pursue their own passions.

“With the right opportunity, hard work and fortitude, everyone can achieve success.  At Peninsula Family Service, we create opportunities for people who are struggling, helping them realize their potential and build strong and happy families.” -David P. Mariani