Elizabeth Jenson Community Volunteer

Elizabeth attended Brigham Young University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, a major which nurtured her love of traveling and learning about other cultures.  Aside from spending time with her family, her passions include traveling, skiing, and community service.

A long-time admirer of our impact in the community, Elizabeth joined our Advancement Committee in 2015 and our Board of Directors in 2016. She now plays an important role in raising funds for our organization, increasing community outreach, and inspiring the Peninsula’s young thought leaders and business professionals to take an active role in strengthening the neighborhoods we call home.

“The world is full of wonderful opportunities when you receive a good education and grow up in a stable home. Peninsula Family Service accomplishes both by educating toddlers and supporting their parents’ financial independence. Not only does the organization open a window for those who struggle to simply ‘get by’— but flings open the doors to bigger, bolder dreams!” –Elizabeth Jenson