Kristen Sandifer Secretary Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kristen Sandifer is a licensed clinical social worker with more than 18-years of corporate clinical experience providing counseling services to employees. After working for Pacific Bell, United Airlines, and Chevron, she joined Chevron’s Critical Incident Team in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In more recent years, Kristen has become an active community volunteer and has donated her time to organizations like the National Charity League, Lick-Wilmerding High School Parent Group, the Crocker Middle School Site Counsel, and the North Hillsborough Elementary School Parent Group. She also serves on the board of The Mental Health Association of San Mateo.

A member of our own board since 2014, Kristen lends a unique perspective on the impact of trauma on individuals and families and the value of networked community resources. In addition to serving on our Older Adult and Early Learning Committees, she is an exceptional photographer and responsible for the many beautiful photos seen throughout our main office and latest collaterals.

“Peninsula Family Service has a seriously impressive breadth of services. The organization isn’t supporting just one-age group or demographic, they’re reaching out to people at every stage of life. From child development centers to programs for our older adults, such as the Circle of Care and Second Careers, Peninsula Family Service delivers consistent, quality programming to our entire community.” –Kristen Sandifer