Philip A. McLeod

Keesal, Young & Logan
Has lived in Hillsborough since 1996. Philips wife, Shawn Christianson, and his two sons, Spencer and Connor. Spencer lives and works in SF and Connor lives in NJ and works in NYC. Shawn and Philip are both attorneys. Philip practiced law with Keesal, Young & Logan for 40 years and will retire at the end of this year.
Philip was born and raised in Berkeley near the campus and am the youngest of four boys. He went to Berkeley High School and started at UC Santa Cruz in 1971. Between his sophomore and junior years, he taught English to medical professionals in Java, Indonesia as part of Volunteers in Asia (VIA), a non-profit organization based at Stanford. After graduating from UCSC in 1976, Philip worked for VIA on the Stanford campus for two years helping with recruiting and program management.
Philip attended UC Hastings from 1978-1981. Upon graduation he joined Keesal, Young & Logan in its Long Beach office. In 1984 Shawn and Philip got married in San Francisco and helped open KYL’s SF office.
Since both our sons attended and graduated from UC Berkeley, Shawn and Philip served for eight years on the Cal Parents Board. In 2016 they were selected by the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors and the UC Berkeley Foundation to receive the Spirit of 1868 Volunteer Award. Years earlier Philip served for two years on the board of San Francisco’s Planned Parenthood chapter. Throughout Spencer and Connor’s elementary school years, he also helped coach and support their soccer, basketball and baseball teams.
He loves to play tennis, pickleball and golf.