Ruth Wisnom

Ruth succeeds in skillfully utilizing her own diverse talents in making her community a better place to live. Any gift or talent that she has, she somehow translates into a positive for someone other than herself. Armed with her B.A. in Speech and Hearing Therapy, Ruth has worked to establish vital speech clinics at both the Crippled Children’s Society and the U.C. Medical Center. As a former travel industry employee, she parlayed her skills into establishing a highly successful and beloved annual fundraiser benefiting Peninsula Family Service. Her love of roses can be witnessed in her efforts for the Hillsborough Garden Club, her love of opera in her work for the San Francisco Opera Guild and her love of children in almost everything she does. Others may have diverse interests like Ruth, but not everyone is as adept at taking it to the next level of excellence and citizenship by using their individual talents. She is the walking definition of “leading by example,” spreading her golden touch wherever she goes.