Video: In it Together

Imagine yourself after a long day at work. On your way home you run through a dizzying mental checklist: run a load of laundry, fix something healthy for dinner, empty the dishwasher, corral your kids for bath time, and summon the energy to read them at least two storybooks before bed.

Parents at Peninsula Family Service are passionate about helping their children dream huge. But when mothers and fathers work multiple jobs or struggle to pay rent and afford groceries, stress and instability can become a hurdle nearly impossible to overcome without our help. Peninsula Family Service’s Family Engagement program helps parents take charge and tackle the barriers before them. Whether they need taxi vouchers to attend workshops, free books to read at home, or connections to behavioral health providers to help overcome the traumas of abuse or homelessness, Peninsula Family Service is there to coach parents as they become their children’s strongest advocates.

In this year’s fund-a-need video, Anamile shares her incredible story of finding hope and dreaming huge thanks to our Family Engagement program.

Special thanks to Jump Cutters for working with us yet again to help our participants share their stories.

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