To all those who have invested your time and passion in our programs, we give our deepest, most profound thanks.
Because of you, thousands of your neighbors have received the tools they need to have opportunity, financial stability, and wellness and to thrive.

Many Ways to Volunteer

At PFS we have many opportunities to volunteer. Below you will see information if you are interested in a volunteer leadership position.  Within the other tabs in this Volunteer section, you will see opportunities to volunteer across our other priority program areas.


We rely on our professional community members to advise and empower our participants. Perhaps you are interested in serving on our Governing Board, Advisory Council, and/or our DriveForward Loan Committee to share your expertise with our organization. These opportunities involve a monthly commitment and an application process with our C-Suite staff members and with the Board Nominating Committee for a Governing Board role.

If interested in Board or Advisory Council, please contact

If interested in being on the DriveForward loan committee, please contact, Freddy Pacheco, Financial Empowerment Manager,

NextGen Associate Board

Are you interested in becoming a leader on the Peninsula and in your community? Consider joining the inaugural cohort of the Peninsula Family Service (PFS) NextGen Associate Board. The NextGen Associate Board is a new initiative from PFS to get younger people involved with a local nonprofit that serves their community.

Interested? Find out more here!

Early Learning Volunteer Opportunities

We missed our classroom volunteers during the restrictions due to COVID-19 and we are delighted that our classrooms are now open for volunteer opportunities. All classroom participation is supervised by our teachers and curriculum coordinators. If you are interested, CLICK HERE to read the requirements, including providing proof of vaccinations, and to register.

Early Learning Volunteer Application

Some examples include the opportunity to:

  • Read and play with the children
  • Support our teachers in creating a project to do with the children
  • Support our STEM Coordinators in creating a STEM from the Start project to do with the children
  • Create a holiday themed project for a classroom
  • Clean, sort, and organize toys and materials
  • Sponsor and hold a celebration for graduation with backpacks for graduates (May-July)
  • Adopt a classroom for holiday gifts and celebration

Or support our teachers and parents:

  • Celebrate the teachers with notes of encouragement and/or gifts
  • Offer “Back to School” kits for Child Development Associate (CDA) program participants
  • Support a Father Engagement activity
  • Notes of encouragement to parents

For further information and to register, CLICK HERE.

Financial Empowerment Volunteer Opportunities

Financial Products, Leadership and Education

  • Serve on the DriveForward loan committee
  • Teach financial workshops (training-certified) or assist PFS staff
  • Conduct participant surveys
  • Assist the Data Analytics Department by entering information

For more information, email

Older Adult Services Volunteer Opportunities

Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center – Redwood City

  • Support our Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center staff to host a party for our older adults at Fair Oaks with food, music, and games
  • Teach a special workshop at Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center (experience required)
  • Teach basic computer and smartphone skills at Fair Oaks

Peer Counseling

  • Attend 35-hour training to become a peer counsel to support older adults who are isolated, alone or in need of various types of support. Through the training, you will learn active listening skills, recognize and respond to grief, depression, and anxiety, learn about other resources available for referrals with the opportunity to work with diverse cultures. Volunteers who speak Mandarin, Tagalog, Spanish, or identify LGBTQ are encouraged to apply.
  • Support Peer Counseling Recognition Event through Raffle prizes, centerpieces and entertainment

For more information, visit Peer Counseling 


Second Careers Program

Work with PFS staff to assist in one of more of the following ways:

  • Conduct mock interviews and offer interview techniques
  • Help with resume writing and review
  • Research employment opportunities
  • Identify and research employers regarding job openings (Creating a job bank)
  • Teach Basic Computer Skills, e.g., How to search for jobs

Peninsula Family Service auxiliaries are essential partners in fulfilling our mission. Three nonprofit auxiliaries volunteer and raise funds by producing exciting events and operating a successful thrift store. Located strategically throughout our service area, each auxiliary focuses on the best approaches to raise funds within their respective communities.

These volunteer groups also serve as our ambassadors in the community, telling our story and recommending our services.

Each Auxiliary group has a storied history of individuals who are passionate about helping their community through social activities and fundraising events. We invite you to learn more about the Auxiliaries and consider becoming a member by volunteering your time in this meaningful way.

Visit our Auxiliaries page for more information here, or contact Maria Damp,

  • To sign up to volunteer in our Early Learning program, click here for more information and to register.
  • If you are interested in volunteering in any of our other programs, please e-mail